Sunday, August 7, 2022

Confirmations #19

California Tour Signs

Like in Confirmation #7 with the numerous #222 signs, this tour was not short of numerous number signs, especially at the end of the tour. 

For instance, after 8 months of delivering almost 230,000 flyers, I come down to my final 7,000 flyers on 7/7/22. On 7/7 I had exactly 7,0000 flyers left, counted to the nearest 20 flyers. July, 7/11, was my final day of flyering. I hope in my van from my final flyering and my odometer reads 88,888 miles and stays there until 12:22 pm. My first stop home, my odometer reads 91,888. All those 8s, God telling me is a new beginning, (8 the # of new beginnings) after that 8 month long tour.

Picking up my huge batch of flyers designated for northern California, my odometer reads 85,911 miles. On my very first trip into San Francisco, the prophesied epicenter, My wheels hit the bridge going in at exactly 9:11 am.

I only remember it raining a mere 4 days during that entire 8 month mission trip. On the biggest rain day of that entire time, it’s a huge storm with flooding. The storm hits 9 months from September 12th, the date God has been showing me for tsunami in many other signs. God is telling me the storm is a sign, its 9 months to the conception (9/12), giving birth, to these tsunami/mega quake prophecies fulfilling.

In the evening, when first launching out on the California mission trip on 11/07/21, that day, there’s a departure party with friends and I’m in a fun game of kick ball with friends and the kids. The game’s score is the date I’m leaving in the final inning, girls 11, guys 7. The guys are up for one last chance to score. The game ends guys 9, girls 11… God giving me some number signs to send me off on that California warning tour.

I'm recently placing a final order on my book, California Yom Kippur that was released on 5/11/21 and the Amazon order is completed at exactly 5:11pm, God reminding me it’s 511 days from 5/11/21 (book's release date) to 10/05/22, the date confirmed in many ways, for the mega quake.

On my way home near the California border, my odometer reads 89,777 with 222 miles to go to my first stop departing the state. Days later, I am going over the bridge, entering to my home state of Tennessee at exactly 7:07 pm and on the bridge I am greeted by a big electronic billboard that reads “call 222-2222.”, God saying mission accomplished with those numbers, 777 and 222s, which mean completion and fullness.

On July 13th, the day before I leave the bay area, as the first step going home, as God is telling me in my mind “the mission is over”, I turn the key of my vehicle, and the temperature display reads 70 degrees at 7:11 pm, those sevens, the number of fullness.

My final day in the bay area, July 14th, I got to a final address and it pops up in my search randomly as a 911 numbered address. I then go to a final place where I post a final sign and get back to my van at 9:11 am. This was God giving me departure from the bay area,  911 signs.

There were numerous other number signs and the synchronicities that were amazing and beyond coincidence. Of course, this is all foolishness to the natural man, igno and not lead of the Spirit, but to us in Christ flexible in the Spirit, these signs are a part of those who follow him and are where he wants us to be.

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